Monday, February 18, 2008


metaphor, n. - a Venn diagram in N-dimensions where N represents the summed entropy of both terms.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Weeds lash the twining shallow wash — seems Carmen’s
toy-boy took the plunge. Wonder what he sees
through silver’s mudthick emulsion — seems Hawks
has rung his paper stainer ‘cause Bogey’s bugged :

What’s he doing
down there, sipping
silt through his nose?
The blued bruise is
whose doing : black
jack or car whack?

Was he bumped or did he jump? — seems Chandler’s
stumped, and the wa-wa brigade’s tongues are
wagging, corpse on a rope — seems some joker’s
loosed shredded wheat to the wind, where

it dissolves, exposed
to the wash of light.

Reel IV: Foggy Plodding

Group improvisation is a further challenge. Aside from the weighty technical problem of collective coherent thinking, there is the very human, even social need for sympathy from all members to bend for the common result. This most difficult problem, I think, is beautifully met and solved on this recording.
— Bill Evans

On Certainty

Given imperfect knowledge, certainty should be viewed as an argument against rather than an argument for. If one admits that there is some force with the potential capacity to act on the system supposedly being described with certainty, then one must admit that one's reasoning is somewhere mistaken or inadequate. This is not true of systems, such as mathematics, in which all relationships are syntactic, specified through given axioms. It is, however, true everywhere else.

But then again, maybe not . . . .